Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Affiliates So Far...

Allright, great start!

Here are the top 5 affiliates so far, only 12 hours into the promo...

1) M231G
2) Nononsense
3) ScottColby
4) HCSecrets
5) NeedJob

It's still early. Let's get our emails out there and let your readers know about the promo...and don't forget to send that final mailing on Wednesday - remember, everyone will be back to work and looking for a fat loss program!


Monday, December 10, 2007

TT Affiliate Contest Prizes!!!

Hey Everyone, here is the prize list for the affiliate contest running during our promotional event from Dec. 31st, 2007 through to January 2nd, 2008 at 11:59pm.

Sales will be recorded and reviewed for this 72 hour period, and prizes will be given to the top 5 affiliates. Here's what is up for grabs...

5th Place - The "Flip" Video Camera

4th Place - Apple 80 GB Ipod Classic

3rd Place - Apple 8 GB iPod Touch

2nd Place - Olympus Stylus 790SW 7.1MP Waterproof Digital Camera with Dual Image Stabilized 3x Optical Zoom (Silver)

1st Place - Apple 16 GB iPod touch PLUS a $500 Check Written to the Charity of Your Choice

There you go! I hope you are one of our winners.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Turbulence Training Promo Emails for Dec. 31 & Jan 2nd

Are you ready to "Set it, & forget it!"?

I'm extremely happy to have you on board with our pre-New Year'spromo. Best of luck to you, and I hope its YOU that wins the topprize as best affiliate!

Below you'll find two emails suitable for promoting TurbulenceTraining to your list.

In the 1st email, you will find the first announcement to send to your list, announcing the start of the 72-hour promotion. This should be set-up to go out immediately after midnight (EST) on Dec.31st. This will be our big "kick-off" email to the promotion.

And the 2nd email you'll see below is what I call your "lastchance" email that can be sent again to your list to remind themabout the limited-time aspect of the promotion.

I've found that "reminder" emails like this notice belowsignificantly increase sales during promotions, garnering up to 50%of the response of your first email. Day 3 is always massive, andwill likely be even bigger than ever thanks to the timing of thisone.

In the rest of this email, you'll find...

1. Endorsement letter for the Turbulence Training promotion

2. Follow up messages (if you send these follow up messages, youcould triple your sales*. It's all about follow up!)

3. How to get your affiliate link

You can also write your own promotional emails, or email me to do amini-interview for your list. I find interviews work very well tointroduce Turbulence Training to your readers.

Primary Endorsement E-mail to be sent Monday, Dec. 31st, 2007

Feel free to write your own subject line if you like, you don't have to use mine.

NOTE: If you don't have the first names of your customers or you don't know how to automatically insert the first name of people onyour list, just delete the [first_name] tag from the subject line and text.

E-mail Subject: [first_name], Transform Your Body in Only 3 Short Workouts Per Week

E-Mail Body:

Hi [first_name],

If you are interested in losing fat as quickly as possible in the comfort of your own home, then I have a guaranteed way to help you burn fat and sculpt your body.

Just by using simple workouts that can easily be done first thing in the morning or after your children go to bed, without endless hours of cardio, fancy equipment or expensive supplements, then this will be the most important letter you ever read in your entire life. Here's why...

Craig Ballantyne is a fat-loss expert, publishing his fat-burning workouts in national magazines such as Men's Health and Oxygen, along with online newsletters EarlyToRise and Total Health Breakthroughs. You've probably come across his videos on Youtube and Men's Health, as well.

Craig has also created a trademarked fat loss system called Turbulence Training. And as a fitness expert with a sincere interest in your success for 2008, I've taken the time to evaluate all ofyour training options to help you reach your New Year's Resolutions.

And you know what? After painstakingly reviewing the TurbulenceTraining workouts and fat loss philosophy, comparing them to the common long, slow cardio workouts that so many people are doing (unsuccessfully, I might add), I've found that Turbulence Training could be the most efficient and effective fat loss program on the market.

With all of the "lose fat fast" programs and snake-oil supplements out there, I have a strict criteria that a program has to meet before I even consider recommending it to my friends.

But Turbulence Training is the real deal - after all, if these workouts weren't, would the biggest fitness magazine in the world, Men's Health, feature Turbulence Training workouts? Of course not, they have too much to lose.

On the other hand, you have nothing to lose. Because not only are his workouts proven by both research and experience, but you also have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee that you'll love his workouts. Or just return it for your money back.

Let me tell you more about the Turbulence Training workouts.

First of all, they can all be done at home with a dumbbells, a bench, and an exercise ball (a chin-up bar is also helpful for those that are strong enough).

Second, thousands of both men AND women (yes, women too!) have used the Turbulence Training workouts successfully to lose fat in a very short amount of time. He's proven that you don't need to be at the gym everyday for an hour or more.

In fact, the Turbulence Training workouts will only take 45 minutes, three days per week, and you can do everything at home. No need for fancy, expensive memberships, or long commutes to an annoying "mega-gym".

Turbulence Training is as straight-forward as any fat loss program could be. There's no BS, no magic pills or powders to buy, and no expensive gym memberships required.

If you've ever struggled to figure out what to do next in your fat loss program, then worry no more. Turbulence Training spells it out, workout by workout, exercise by exercise, set by set, and rep by rep, for a full 16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts.

Plus, the program also includes additional beginner workouts that will help any newcomer get started on their fat loss plan.

How badly do you finally want to succeed this year?

Maybe you got off to a great start last year, but your momentum fizzled out because you lacked the time to train 5 or more hours per week as per last year's instructions. Or maybe you just got tired of doing the same workout week-in, week-out, but your program didn't have any variety.

Well, all of those problems are fixed by the Turbulence Training program. With all of the introductory workouts, regular TT bonuses,16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts, AND these 5 limited-time bonuses, you could have enough workouts for over 6 months of fat loss. Imagine how you'll look in 6 months if you lose a pound of fat per week with Turbulence Training.

Wait, don't just imagine. Visualize. Believe. And then achieve. Picture yourself on the beach, at long last enjoying the body you've always wanted.

The body you've desired can be yours, and in less time than you've always thought necessary.

In addition to all of the workouts, you'll get Dr. Chris Mohr's TT Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines, and Craig will tell you the #1 secret for sticking to a fat loss program.

Get ready to experience a new body thanks to all the inches you'll lose, the pounds you'll shed, and the energy you'll gain in the next few days, weeks, and months with a structured, professionally-designed, fat loss workout that you can do at home.

With Turbulence Training's efficient and effective exercise selection, and the use of time-saving, metabolism-boosting interval training, you'll get all of your workouts done in 45 minutes, three times per week.

That's right, in less time than it takes to watchan episode of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars (even if you TIVO it!), you can make massive improvements in your body.

So here's why I'm writing to you today:

Craig is quickly becoming an international fitness and fat loss expert. His on-line clients now span the entire globe, and he no longer has space for new clients. And those that are lucky enough to work with him one-on-one pay over $200 per session for his guidance through their personal Turbulence Training workouts.

But now the good news. Craig's put together the ultimate Turbulence Training package that contains not only 16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts and 10 weeks of beginner programs, but he's also added 5 new bonuses that are available only for the next three days.

1) Secrets of the Transformation Masters E-book

You'll learn the insider fat burning secrets from 3 of the most experienced Transformation Trainers in North America. We squeezed every last one of their fat burning secrets from them so YOU can achieve your ultimate body transformation.

It will help the absolute beginner and even the fitness competitor. The report contains detailed, step-by-step information for every fat loss level.

No fat burning stone was left unturned, diet plans were scrutinized and reviewed, and these experts share the exact details for looking your best on the big day (whether it is at a wedding, a physique contest, or simply to be ready for your transformation "after"photos).

2) Fit Yummy Mummy Fit-Fast 4-Week Workout

When you are pressed for time and have no access to equipment, the Fit Yummy Mummy Fit-Fast Workout is your rescue routine to keep your metabolism burning strong and fat loss efforts on track.

America's #1 Fat Loss Expert for Moms, Holly Rigsby, has designed an exclusive 4-week workout plan you can do in the comfort of your own home.

3) Workouts for Busy Dad's Bonus

The World's Busiest Dad and personal trainer, Chris Lopez, shares with you his 20-minute workout secrets to get Dad's back into fighting shape so they can keep up with their kids and outlast their wives.

4) The Revolutionary Eat-Stop-Eat Diet Book from Brad Pilon

Brad is a nutrition expert and his controversial fat loss eating guideline is making waves in the dieting community. People are busting through fat loss plateaus and loving the lifestyle that Brad's approach allows. It's a simple, anti-diet approach to fat loss.

5) Mastering the Fat Loss Mindset - A How-to Guide for Fat Loss Goal Setting that is Guaranteed to Help You Get Maximum Results

This is the year. How many times have we all said that? Well, this IS the year. Listen to the UK's top fitness and motivational expert Dax Moy and learn how to set goals and live the lifestyle to reach those goals. No more dropping out, this is the year you will go all the way and finally succeed in changing your body!

But this entire package is only available for the next 72 hours. On Wednesday, January 2nd at midnight, all 5 of these bonuses will disappear from the bonus package and will never, EVER be offered again.

If you don't pick-up this incredible collection of fat loss bonuses today, you might kick yourself for missing out. This is the kind of information that can take a fat loss program from zero to sixty in just days, snapping you out of even the deepest, darkest fat loss plateau you've ever experienced.

Success breeds success. If you start now, you'll be burning fat and changing your body practically overnight. And that will give you the complete motivation you need to keep at it week after week. I bet you'll even reach your goals weeks in advance.

Remember, I only recommend the absolute best fat loss resources that come across my desk. And today, that is the Turbulence Training bonus package.

Simply go right here to get started:


Your's Truly,


P.S. Hurry, you only have until Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, at 11:59pm to claim your bonuses.

And remember, you get everything in theTurbulence Training package (including a 60-minute audio interview, the bonus TT Workouts for Men & Women, the Turbulence Training Nutrition Guidelines, and the Advanced Turbulence Training Fusion Fat Loss Workout), PLUS the FIVE additional bonus reports mentioned above.

Follow Up Message:

Here is an additional follow up message for the offer. Ideally, it should be used on the final day of the promotion. You'll see how powerful a follow-up email can be when you use this message.

You'll be surprised how many people don't actually get your email or don't read it because they were too busy! This could be your biggest sales day, so don't neglect the follow-up.*

Follow-up Message: To be sent on Wednesday, Jan 2nd, 2008

Subject: [first_name], only 24 hours left to get your Turbulence Training Bonuses

E-Mail Body:

Hi [first_name],

Just making sure you got my email 2 days ago about Craig Ballantyne's new Turbulence Training bonus package. This is the ultimate fat-loss workout guide to help you burst through stubborn fat loss plateaus, while getting in and out of your workouts in less than 45 minutes, three times per week.

What good is it having a great body if you have to be a slave to the gym? With Turbulence Training, you'll not only build a better body and improve your health and fitness, but you'll also be able to achieve balance between exercise and your optimal lifestyle because this program, unlike most workouts, requires only three short, but intense, 45 minute workouts per week.


In case you didn't get or read my original e-mail because you were too busy at the time, here's the original copy of the e-mail:


Your's Truly,


P.S. Hurry, you only have until Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, at 11:59pm to claim your bonuses.

And remember, you get everything in theTurbulence Training package (including a 60-minute audio interview, the bonus TT Workouts for Men & Women, the Turbulence Training Nutrition Guidelines, and the Advanced Turbulence Training Fusion Fat Loss Workout), PLUS the FIVE additional bonus reports mentioned above.

Here's how to make your affiliate link for the Turbulence Training bonus package.

The current and preferred clickbank hoplink format is:

IMPORTANT! the clickbank "product name" for Turbulence Training is:


So the link looks like: all you have to do is replace the _______'s with your clickbank affiliate nickname.

For example, if your clickbank affiliate name was "green", your hoplink would look like:

If you've got any other questions about this product, or our affiliate program, please send an email to me using the contact form at

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS (clickbank product: turbulence)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Welcome to the Turbulence Training Promotion Blog

Thanks to everyone that is helping out with the Dec 31st, 2007-Januaray 2nd, 2008 promotion at

I'll soon be listing all of the exciting bonuses that we have to help your readers get in shape for summer by burning fat, building muscle, and achieving beach-body definition. I know they are going to love the workouts.

In addition, we have some exciting new bonuses to give away, as well as a commission of 75% for the Basic & Deluxe Editions.

I'll soon be posting the emails you can send to your list.

In the meantime, you can start using any of my articles from my archives to start promoting Turbulence Training to your list.

Visit the archives here:


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training
Men's Health Contributor